Travel Blog

Travel Blog

For family, friends, and curiosity seekers, my HalfWay There Travel travel blog is not just a blog with travel stories, but it is my creative writing project and a photo journal that gives you a glimpse of where we have traveled and a lot about Clamping, and maybe even to inspire you to discover more about yourself and where you want to be.

Follow our  family adventures as we plan, camp, eat, enjoy, and photograph our way around the world.

So whether it’s by plane, camper, car, or boat, hopefully HalfWay There Travel will give you enough reasons to come out of your “all too comfortable” comfort zone to explore this amazing and unexplored world too. xoxo


Check out this Adobe Spark Page I made of our trip to Emerald Isle, NC.

And please check out my HalfWay There Travel blog to see what I am writing about this week!